FN Still 2


New Food Network & Travel Channel Idents

Here’s our brand new one minute animation currently being shown on Food Network. Filmed on location in our fridge, it’s a story of love, death and tragedy in the mould of Romeo and Juliet – but with more olives.


Also live now is our new one minute ident for the Travel Channel. Filmed in our studio with a team of very very small stop-motion actors.

Van Still


World’s Best TV & Film Awards 2017

Our animations for Perfect Tribe and Pauline & the crew at Scripps Network International have brought home another trophy. The Travel Channel film Little White Van Man was awarded at the New York Festivals Television and Film Awards 2017.

Antibodies Thumb


Immunology Wars

Our two latest animations for Nature Video about the immune system are now online. Watch Immunology: A Billion Antibodies here and Immunology: Monoclonal Antibodies here.

Potters 3


Pottermore GIFs

We’ve been animating Harry Potter‘s father and his Marauder friends for Pottermore. Subtle and realistic animation pushing GIFs to their limits. See them here. Made for Pottermore with CIA.

Mys 1


Sainsburys & Comic Relief

You can see our 10 second Comic Relief TV ad for Sainsburys here. The minute long song and dance version starring UK hip-hoppist MysDiggi is right here. Made for Wieden + Kennedy.