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Our new ad for Tyrrells goes on TV today. Very Important Potatoes – watch it here. It’s the first of three 20 second animations about the ridiculous lengths Tyrrells go to to make their crisps taste very nice. You can see Fabulously Curly, the next one in the series here.

FN Still 2


New Food Network & Travel Channel Idents

Here’s our brand new one minute animation currently being shown on Food Network. Filmed on location in our fridge, it’s a story of love, death and tragedy in the mould of Romeo and Juliet – but with more olives. Also live now is our new one minute ident for the Travel Channel. Filmed in our studio with a team of very very small stop-motion actors.

Van Still


World’s Best TV & Film Awards 2017

Our animations for Perfect Tribe and Pauline & the crew at Scripps Network International have brought home another trophy. The Travel Channel film Little White Van Man was awarded at the New York Festivals Television and Film Awards 2017.

Antibodies Thumb


Immunology Wars

Our two latest animations for Nature Video about the immune system are now online. Watch Immunology: A Billion Antibodies here and Immunology: Monoclonal Antibodies here.

Potters 3


Pottermore GIFs

We’ve been animating Harry Potter‘s father and his Marauder friends for Pottermore. Subtle and realistic animation pushing GIFs to their limits. See them here. Made for Pottermore with CIA.

Mys 1


Sainsburys & Comic Relief

You can see our 10 second Comic Relief TV ad for Sainsburys here. The minute long song and dance version starring UK hip-hoppist MysDiggi is right here. Made for Wieden + Kennedy.



Our Winter Solstice Animation

On the longest night of the year, Dog and Rabbit wish you seasonal cheer. View animation here.



Zeek TV Ad

Our ad for Zeek is finished and all over your TV screen.
Made with the help of a cat who was full of energy and a mouse that had come down with a touch of the taxidermies. Animted using a range of styles to move the creatures – stop frame, green screened video and the photo cut out styles we’ve been doing for years.
Watch it here.



London Illustration Fair

We’ve animated an illustration by CIA’s Jonny Wan to be projected on an infinite loop at the London Illustration Fair.
You can see the work at the OXO Tower Wharf, Southbank, 1st – 4th December. Or/and watch it here.



Scientists’ Guide to the US Election

The United States has narrowed it down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the two best people to run the country. This animation we’ve made for Nature Video looks at how the presidential candidates feel about science and what impact the other positions up for grabs in the government could have.

A mix of motion graphics and and animated illustration.



Nobel Laureates 2016

Following our successful set of animations from 2015 – four more Nobel Prize winners tell us about their work. Recorded at Lindau 2016, and brought to life by our luminous confederacy of animators and illustrators for Nature Video.

Let Serge Haroche, Daniel Shechtman, Art McDonald and Bill Phillips tell you how the science gets done.

Van Still


Travel Channel Little Journeys

The four painstakingly miniature stop-motion films we made for the Travel Channel are now on air.
Each film covers a different area of the channel’s programming.
A man quits his job for adventure.  A DIY hungry van. A vintage racing Capri. And an eager holiday maker.

gold flex


Gold Promax Global Excellence Award

We’re very happy to anounce that we won gold in New York at the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards. Our stop frame animations for Food Network won the ‘Best Channel Image Campaign’ award.
Here are our officially globally excellent hamburgers, cupcakes, meatballs and salads.

euro dogs


Lose Control

Here’s our newest film for InFacts. We’ve made eight of these in the last three weeks. They’re clocking up a million views each and hopefully helping the floaters decide how to vote on Thursday.
Quick turnaround by our graphical powerhouse, Fu. With illustrations by David Lopez Retamero.



Poster in The Guardian

Our pro Remain Brexit poster is in The Guardian today, amongst others by Antony Gormley, Axel Scheffler Rankin and Jon Burgerman. We are voting ‘In’, as the poster would suggest. Made by Fu, with the caricatures of David.

wr still wide


White Rabbit Promo

A short animation to promote an upcoming music event. Animated by our very good Fu using all three dimensions and a bit of After Effects. Watch it here.

Dog & Rabbit Criminal Baking Still 1 copy


British Animation Awards

The British Animation Awards are tonight. Criminal Baking, an ident we created for The Food Network is one of three finalists in the Best Film/TV Graphics category. If we win gold we’ll update this post to be quite boastful. but if you’re reading this after March 11th then we got silver or bronze. Fingers crossed for silver. No… gold. GOLD.

IMG_2732 3


Dog & Rabbit Animate Sir Peter Blake

Sir Peter Blake created a bespoke illustration which we’ve animated for an exhibition by 40 artists from the Central Illustration Agency at the Guardian Exhibition Space throughout February.
In support of the amazing Graeae Theatre Company.
Animated by Fu using a displacement map technique we’ve been developing in After Effects. Watch it here.

Blog Compilation 1



Starting this week, Dog & Rabbit will be producing daily illustrations and animations for InFacts in the run up to the EU referendum – using a real mixture of styles and methods.

You can see lots of examples on the InFacts site.

TC Still


Superfans – Total Colin

Here is the first of five films introducing the My Prime Superfans for Virgin Media Ireland. Find out Colin’s special power and how noisy his stretchy suit is by watching him in action.

With Perfect Tribe for Liberty Global. Characters by Squirrel. Animation by Mole, Dog & Otter. Script by Dog. Graphics by Monkey.

COCKY_02 (0-00-13-01)


Kronenbourg – Tasting Rituals

All seven of our Kronenbourg films are now up.
You can watch them here.

For Adam & Eve. Animated by Mole and Squirrel (Simon Testro and David Lopez Retamero). Characters by Squirrel.

cancer tree


Nature – Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the world’s seventh most common cancer. The good news is that experimental therapies in development could help to deliver a knockout blow to the deadly tumours.


Watch our newest video for Nature here. Animated by the very good Jez Pennington and Matt King (Otter and Duck).

Innnocent 1


Innocent – Two Stop Motion Hat Animations

We made two stop motion films for Innocent last month. The first one has been performing well on social media with over 900,000 views in its first week. The second one has just gone up and is going down well too.
The aim is to get people knitting little hats for their annual Big Knit campaign for Age UK.

Rexanne Titles Still 0-00-07-05)


Kathy Burke in Dog Judo

The very excellent Kathy Burke joins the cast of our long running dog/judo based series, Dog Judo. She plays Rexley’s stunning sister, Rexanne.

“I am not a saucy nurse. I’m a nurse who is saucy”.

Watch it on The Dog Judo website or YouTube.

Cherries wide


Tic Tacs – Cherry Mixers

Made using hundreds of pictures of cherries, touched up in Photoshop and made move in After Effects.
We scoured the country to find cherries that look edible in October. Watch it here.
For Aesop. Animation by Andrew (Dog). Lighting and camera by Nich (Mongoose). Sound design by Nigel (Jaguar).

Trophy Still


Promax 2015 – Almost Live Animation

Two minutes in two days!
3D-printed stop-frame animation for the Promax Awards at the BFI. Ridiculous deadline, but turned out nice.

Watch it here.



Kronenbourg – Tasting Rituals of Alsace

We are currently making seven animations for Kronenburg. ‘The Tasting Rituals of Alsace’.
The first two are online here.
Drawn by our Squirrel, David and animated by our Mole, Simon.



Bar Shorts Idents

Our regular short film night in association with Chris Shepherd was a great success last night, and full to the rafters. High rafters, too.
Here are the idents by Duck & Otter.



Nature – All Four Films Finished

All four animations of former Nobel Prize winners for Nature are now finished. And very pleased with them we are.

You can see all of them in our work section, or by clicking the names below. Amazing stuff by Otter & Squirrel, Bird, Monkey and Penguin.



Mars – Baobab Tree

Here’s a film we made for Mars called Unlocking the Potential of Orphan Crops.

It was animated by Matt (Duck) with 3D tree work by Fu and Jez (Monkey and Otter.)

Baking Still


Food Network – Baking

Here is the second of four animations currently being shown on the Food Network. Filmed on location in Scripps’ Food Network kitchen in SW1, it’s a gritty crime drama in the mould of True Detective, but with more cakes.
Camera by Fu (Monkey) Lighting by Nich (Mongoose) Sound by Nigel (Jaguar) Animation by Andrew (Dog).

Max Cat


Max Mara – Milan Fashion Week

Our animation for Max Mara is undoubtedly the star of Milan Fashion Week.

You can see our nautical themed animations of Brian Grimwood’s illustrations in-situ on the catwalk here.

Animation by Fu (monkey) and Simon (Mole).

Hamburger Still


Food Network – Hamburger

Here is the first of four animations currently being shown on the Food Network.
We have imaginatively titled this film ‘Hamburger’, but it could just as easily have been called ‘Burger’.
Camera by Fu (Monkey) Lighting by Nich (Mongoose) Sound by Nigel (Jaguar) Animation by Andrew (Dog).

Danone Still



Here’s an animation we did for Danone. Animated by Duck, it features a farmer who insisted on being in every shot – often more than once at a time. Ooh Danone.

Old Nick Picture


Historical Dog & Rabbit

This picture of Dog, Monkey and Mole has been up in our local pub for three years now. There used to be an identical one in the same spot, but with different heads.
Getting our version up wasn’t easy and involved sly photography, elaborate distractions, lots of tools, polyfilla and a trench coat. It’s been there longer than any of the staff – so we are official Victorians.

Old Mout Kiwi Mix


Old Mout

The Old Mout (Heineken) sheep posters drawn up by our Duck can be seen everywhere, sometimes massively.
You can see the two animations we did for them here. There are tube escalator versions coming very soon too.

Dog Judo - Stealth 2-9-13 1


Prison or White Belt?

A brand new Dog Judo episode is up. It is episode 113 of our long running serial. Watch it here.



Bar Shorts Idents

Here are the idents from this week’s documentary themed Bar Shorts, Dog & Rabbit’s regular short film night.
They are by our superb Otter and our brilliant Duck.

Watch them here.

New Sign 3


Sign On

Our sign is up.  It comes with its own drop shadow, cleverly linked to the actual sun.
The other signs will need to shape up or ship out most probably.

Rabbit Walk Bar 1


Rabbit Crosses Dimensions

Who Stop Framed Our Rabbit?
Our brand new film tells all – from 2D drawing to 3D print out to big night out.


Watch it here.


Bbag scorism


Scorism – Judo Grilletrope

#13. Penderel’s Oak. High Holborn. WC1. Mixed Grill.

Not many films are called Grilletrope these days. Watch it here.

This film stars Rexley, Roy and Bloodbag from Dog Judo.

The mixed grill isn’t Wetherspoon’s proudest moment and we should have given it a star lower actually. Never mind.

Naked Reg Lunges


Naked Reg Lunges

Naked Reg has made a brand new exercise guide to get the nation healthy.
He might not know what he’s talking about, but he’s quite good. Vote Naked Reg.
Here it is.

mccoy still


New McCoys Film

Our latest film for McCoys has just gone up today and has already got over 88,000 views on Facebook. So there.

Lots of work by Dog, Mole, Monkey, Squirrel, Hedgehog and Duck for a very tight deadline. Crisps and football.

Watch it here.

Selina Saison


Beer Beer

New Bastard Bunny beers from moogBREW.
Selina Saison and a limited edition pale ale, RSP.
Art by Squirrel.

3d rabbit still


3D Printed Rabbit

We’ve designed and printed out a 3D walk cycle of our Rabbit. Here’s a photogrpah of him bowling about in a pub and you can watch a quick test of him walking here.
More on the making of our 3D Rabbit soon.

Huntington Still


New Nature Video

If anyone at Dog & Rabbit gets Huntingdon disease it’s our Otter, Jez. He just… gets it. And he’s used all of that expertise to animate Dog & Rabbit’s brand new film on the subject for Nature.
Watch it here.

duke thumb


Scorism – Meals & Wheels

Making this Scorism involved taking a huge bag of toys into a pub. Nothing better than that you’d think. But… no, because Thomas the Tank Engine Spoiled it for everyone. He’s a right pig, it turns out.
Watch it here.



New Dog Judo – Stealth

Dog & Rabbit proudly presents a new episode of Dog Judo.
Pubs cannot charge ┬ú5 a pint and expect to get away with it – if the barmaid is asleep.
Watch it here.



Real McCoys Awards

Here is our animation for Real McCoys crisps which has just gone up online.
A very tight deadline and lots of work from Dog, Mole, Squirrel, Duck, Monkey and Otter.

Happy Clocks Change Day


Happy Clocks Change Day

Roy from our long running comedy featuring dogs and judo, Dog Judo, has written a song to help you with the changing of the clocks (today).

Watch it here.



Scorism – Fork Handles

Watch it here.

#12. Forge & Co. Shoreditch High Streeet. E1.

This is our first non-pub Scorism. It describes itself as a ‘unique social space’ and a canteen. Nothing wrong with canteens. ┬ú20 for the steak and chips, but it was a beefy portion and extremely nice in the mouth.




Scorism – Lunch by the Pool

Watch it here.
#10. The Blue Lion. GrayÔÇÖs Inn Road. WC1.

LetÔÇÖs salute this pub for having a pool table. They could have put an extra dining table in to serve more wimps more lunches ÔÇô but they resisted.

34 Frame Rates Smaller


Duck’s Inside News

Our political correspondent, Duck, knows people who know people who know people in parliament. BIG news for animators in the forthcoming budget.



New Naked Reg Video

Dog & Rabbit presents ‘Work It Out with Naked Reg’.
He’s Rexley’s friend in Dog Judo, and he’s entirely nude.
In this film he teaches you the merits of sit ups and suggests how many you should do.

35 Crufts Smaller New


Talent News

Dog only reacts to the bits of the news he chooses to.

Bastard Bunny pumpclip (3)


Bastard Bunny Brew Ha Ha

Rabbit launched his own beer on Sunday in association with Animal Brewing Co and moogBrew. A glorious 7.2% ABV Double IPA. Goes down a treat. Haven’t seen Rabbit since.
33 Sarcastic Manatee


Introducing Manatee

Our Manatee is a creative writer. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if he’s being creative or sarcastic.

Epigenome Still


Epigenome Animation

We have just finished animating some stuff for Nature for their latest video. The process of methylation and histones is what we’re into at the moment (or we were until the very second we’d rendered the last scene). The video sections were orchestrated by Thom Hoffman, who is good at this stuff. The aniamtion was by Mole and Dog. You can see it here.

WT Still


Ward Thomas Video

Here is a music video we did for rising-star, country-singing, twin-sisters, Ward Thomas.
Made by Dog & Rabbit’s Monkey, Fu. With assistance from Jez the Otter.

rets V


Valentines Day Song Massacre

He’s Spanish. He’s pink. He’s a very good singer. He loves to love. He likes U2. Don’t let any of that put you off. He’s Mr Valentine. He’s… Retamero Lopez. Watch it here.


Sang by our Squirrel, David Retamero Lopez. Animated by our Otter, Jez Pennington.

32 F6 Hedgehog Smaller


News from Africa

Hedgehog, our Southern Hemisphere correspondent represents all South Africans.

Judo Tubing - Diagonal


Dog Judo – Judo Tubing

Brand new Dog Judo episode.
Judo Tubing is the latest craze to sweep the nation, probably. Roy shows you how to ride the rails with disciplined style, in  Judo Tubing.
Starring Dog & Rabbit’s Dog as the dog.



Innocent Big Knit Film

Dog & Rabbit’s brand new film for Innocent, released today.

Watch it here.

Featuring Steve the talking bear, it was made to launch Innocent’s ‘Big Knit 2015′. Over a million hats have been knitted by volunteers to raise 25p a pop for old people.

Photographed by Monkey, animated by Dog.

Gold Still


Nature Video

Our brand new film for Nature Video is now online. See it here.
It was made for Macmillan’s Nature magazine with support from the World Gold Council.
It is called Tiny Treasure: The Future of Nano Gold – and is for hardcore nano gold fans, casual nano gold fans and people who traditionally depise nano gold alike.

31 Star Tattoos


Star Tattoos

Tattooless Dog adds, “I think we’re over the worst with these star tattoos – there surely can’t be many new ones coming through? It’s like My Little Pony meets… just pony.”



Scorism – Chicken Goals Lunch

Watch it here.

This is the first Wetherspoons weÔÇÖve committed a Scorism in. These buffalo wings are really very nice, too. They used to come with an amazing hot sauce – but when sauce tastes that nice it is probably deadly I suppose.

But bring the sauce back. Stop motion animators live slow and die fast.

30 Metro Weather Small


Winter Metroland

Our Dog was going to be sarcastic about bermuda shorts, but didn’t think it was needed.

29 Modern Lingo


Modern Lingo

You won’t cope well in 2015 without being up to date with the lingo of 2011, so here is Monkey to help us all out.



Addictive TV

Dog & Rabbit’s Magpies, Addictive TV will be doing their unique and wonderful thing at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green, on Thursday 26th February – along with trip-hop originator Howie B and Kizzie Crawford. Tickets are ┬ú10 in advance and you can find out more at (flyer by Monkey.)

pers stil


Scorism – Speeding Outlaw Lunch

Watch it here.

Our lunch became a crime scene when some good ol’ boys in a pickup truck stole some peas. The police were called and a medium speed car chase ensued. We caught most of it on camera. It all turned out nicely and no charges were pressed.

28 Sleeping Mole Smaller


Ain’t What It Used To Be

Happy New Year from Dog & Rabbit & Mole.

Silent Night Still 1


Silent Night

Singing Spanish pink sensation, Retamero Lopez, sings for you. It’s a classic and he just made it classicer.
Merry Christmas from everyone at Dog & Rabbit.
Sang by Squirrel and animated by Otter.

Rug Chris


Scorism – Merry Christmas Lunch

Christmas special time!
We review a stop motion Christmas meal with the help of a holy man.



Scorism – Bountiful Cow

Brand new Scorism.
The Bountiful Cow on Eagle Street. WC1.

They do the most brilliant steaks in here. We chose ‘Prime rib beef hash’, though – which was damn nice.
It ain’t cheap but it is damn nice, and those two things are linked I expect. You get an egg on the top as well, which we chucked in the air.

20 Human Rights


Human Rights

An update on human rights from someone in the know.

White Hart


Scorism – The White Hart

Scorism (stop motioning your lunch and marking it out of ten) continues. Watch it here.
The White Hart has been a pub since 1216 (the year, not the time.) It adds pressure to the occasion knowing that people have been stop-motioning their lunches here for the best part of a millennium.

27 Stamp Duty Small


Autumn Statement

Our financial expert, Dolphin, responds to the chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

22 Ringtones Smaller


The Ringtones Industry

Not everyone has got their phone on vibrate have they?

Nose Medley


Tom’s Nose Show

Tom Jennings (Tortoise) has got his Nose Show up at Soho Radio on Great Windmill Street.
The concept is, “making faces on things with the addition of a nose”.

Go and have a look if you don’t believe me (Dog).



Scorism – Square Pig

The Square Pig. WC1.
We never eat lunch without pushing stuff around very gently and taking hundreds of pictures. And when you do that and give the lunch a rating out of ten stars, that is called Scorism.
Scorism website coming soon.
26 Run and Hide Small


News Today

The country’s favourite torturer, Dead Frankie Fraser, has died.

A tennis player is to marry someone. Probably the woman who watches him play. If that means more shots of her clapping when he scores a point, she is going to need her own channel.

And, run and hide…

Grenadier Screen


Lunch Today

Today we had lunch with Steve and Ian from JWT, in The Grenadier.

We made a very quick turnaround animation while the ham, egg and chips unfolded. The meal was worthy of the high mark.

And that is ‘scorism’. (Scorism is the best thing since cubism and one of the best things since impressionism. Website coming soon.) Watch the stop-frame animation here.

23 Dolphin Oyster


Financial Dolphin

Our economics expert, Dolphin, offers some financial advice.

Fu T-Shirt1


What Are You Wearing?

Man and Monkey, Fu – modelling a very powerful piece of fashion.

25 Self Service Small


Self Service

Unexpected item in bagging area.

24 Bird Flu


Bad Bird News

We are going to look after her. She’ll be fine.



One Way Or An Otter

Jez Pennington (Dog & Rabbit’s Otter) has been working on a music video with Chris Shepherd (Goldfish) for Lambchop for the last few weeks, but has still found time to add all three of the dimensions he harnesses to his Otter illustration, and make it move about.

21 Pirate Bay


Dancing Monkey Jesus

Monkey, Dog & Rabbit’s technology expert updates you on illegal downloads.

19 U2


Feeling Run Down

Rabbit accidentally reviews the new U2 album.

Slow Adventures Still


Slow Adventures

A year or so in the life of Dog & Rabbit’s Dog.

Watch it here.
‘A stop motion film documenting life’s important stuff, starting with my face – and moving at many frames a second through my journey to work and making Dog Judo, moving house and my wife getting all pregnant.

Quick Fire


New Dog Judo

It’s quick-fire questions time on Warchat – but Rexley’s brother is in the firing line and only Peaches can save him. Watch it here.

David Guy Fawkes


Dog & Rabbit Presents ‘Guy Fawkes’

From the genius pen of David Lopez Retamero, Dog & RabbitÔÇÖs Squirrel. It is based on a true story and you can watch it here.

18 Rain Weather


Weather We Are Having

It is. It is weather we are having.

17 Movember Small


Happy November

Movember or not?

Cat Still


Dog & Rabbit Presents ‘Happy Halloween’

Halloween in the Dolphin Tavern.
From the genius fingers of David Lopez Retamero, Dog & Rabbit’s Squirrel. It is based on a true story and you can watch it here.

16 Halloween


Cat’s Halloween Update

Our youth correspondent, Cat, gives you the lowdown on Halloween.

Launch Edit copy



Dog & Rabbit Propaganda!

Our newest film features footage from the launch night and tells you a bit about how this luminous confederacy of animators, writers, designers and artists are going to get stuff done.

See it on the Work page or here.
Always vote Dog & Rabbit.

Britpop Isis Small


Lion’s Music News

Our music reporter, Lion, files his first music report.

14 Royal Baby


Meet Our Royal Correspondent

Nicholas Witchell may appear to care more about royal news – but no one gives you more accurate royal news than Badger, our royal correspondent.

Launch Mix 1


Thank You

Thank you to everyone who came on Thursday night and made it such a brilliant and memorable night. (Thank you to all the people who nearly came too ÔÇô they are all too often forgotten.)

We are now ready to work like dogs and produce like rabbits.
Hope to see lots more of everyone.

Long live Dog & Rabbit.

13 Candy Saga Small


Troll Toll News

Troll news…
People don’t seem to like trolls.



Launch Party Tonight

The title of this post says it all. And the picture says even more. And this trail of random letters says a little extra kdfjhlkjfsskljjhkjbzxcf. Here we go, raaaaargh.

12 Alta Vista


Monkey on Google

Monkey, our technology correspondent keeps you in the loop with news and opinion.



International News

Dog thought he was already dead. Rabbit thought he was called Jeff Kay until today.



Launch Night

Dog & RabbitÔÇÖs launch night is fast approaching. WeÔÇÖre all ready to unleash ourselves on the world – and have got 7 days to get even more ready. ItÔÇÖs going to be a big night so make sure it is in your diary (or even written on the front cover of your diary.)



06 Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus News

She’s in the newspaper so she must be news.




Apocalypse was the theme for last nightÔÇÖs Bar Shorts event in Shoreditch. Lots of faces, familiar and new, assembled in The Book Club for some end-of-the-world entertainment.

Chris Shepherd (Dog & RabbitÔÇÖs Goldfish) was our host, and each section started and ended with a specially made ident by Jez Pennington (Otter) and Matt King (Duck).┬áSee them in the Work section.


Films by Michael Marczewski, Jake fried, Magali Charrier, Ying Ping Mak, Leop Verrier, Richard Condie, Marcus Armitage, Gergely Wootsch, Kirsten Lepore, Dog Judo, Emma Burch and more were enjoyed by all.

And it was finished off with a DJ set by Fu (Monkey).

09 Defects Smaller


Duck on Politics

Dog & Rabbit’s political correspondent speaks his mind.

08 Photoshop


Monkey on Technology

Monkey’s first technology update.

04 McCartney Smaller


McCartney on Flesh

Linda McCartney’s man, Paul, delivers an unreasonable message.

02 Sprayer


Say it Don’t Spray it

A man was spotted spraying the Dog & Rabbit logo onto a wall during a game of football in Shoreditch last night. More on that in a little while.

01 VM


Virgin Media Animation

A quick turnaround and a real team effort.

Crafted in Illustrator and After Effects by Monkey. Scripted by Rabbit. Illustration by Mole. And extra bits and pieces by Duck and Dog.
The video promotes Virgin Media’s fat internet pipes and will be online shortly.

05 Pointless News Smaller


No Nudes is Bad News

September in news. Inspired by reading The Metro this morning. Cheers, The Metro.

03 Pokerstars


Poker Stars Animation

Dog & Rabbit’s Monkey, Fu, has just┬áfinished a 3D animation for Poker Stars. It is reminiscent of Grand Theft Auto and contains all the wonderful bad taste and violence you would expect.
I’ll post a link when it is online.
Cheers, Dog.

02 Rod Stewart Smaller


Scotland Decided

Well done┬áScotland. Welcome back. You’re allowed to listen to the Beatles and watch Fawlty Towers again.

01 Scotland Smaller 2


Scotland Decides

Scottish referendum vote time. Hope this helps.

05 Spanish Pink Dog


Spanish Pink Dog

Meet Lopez Retamero.

He is a singing sensation and he’s coming to lots of screens near you soon.

Created by Dog & Rabbit’s Hedgehog (Marc Moynihan) -┬áhe is currently being turned 3D by our Otter (Jez Pennington.)

04 Kopi



Dog & Rabbit have been working with Caf├®direct on their new mail-order coffee business, Kopi.
Monkey (Fu) is redesigning their website and Duck (Matt King) has done some nice little illustrations to show people how to make coffee.
It will all be launched in mid October.

06 Phoebe Characters


This Lot are Characters

Dog and Rabbit’s Bird (Phoebe Halstead) having just finished a film for The Guardian has been busy drawing up a storm for Dog & Rabbit.
Lots of luminous associates, each one with a signature move that you can see on the Associates page.

07 Intro


Dog and Rabbit’s First Post

We have got a website and a logo and lots of very very talented people… so here we go. Hello from Dog and Rabbit.